Finding the fair price for your pre-owned car can be a challenge. With the click of a button, our CJ FairValue Appraisal Tool generates a fair price using artificial intelligence.

This tool has been fine-tuned for precision, considering a range of vehicle characteristics like make, model, year, kilometers, colour, fuel type, transmission and geographic location.

Pricing your car couldn’t be easier!

⦁ Designed to display currently listed car prices

⦁ Supervised machine learning algorithm for better accuracy

⦁ Backed by artificial intelligence to predict rate of depreciation

⦁ 80% of car sale prices fall within our predicted price range

What more can our tool do for you?

With robust data science models designed from two decades of data, our algorithm can accurately predict your car's Suggested Listing Price, Fair Market Value, Instant Cash Offer, Depreciation Rate and more!